Rhythm & Bones

Rhythm & Bones

April 20, 2019

 "emerald swallowtail" 

photo by Ross (Dragon)

little hurts 

by Savannah Slone

littered glass
shards of humanity
mimicking a wishbone tug

pulling the trigger on god
suicide of the sky—the Out There
an assembly of the disassembled hollow
sprouting alignment—fevered  wo...

April 20, 2019

Nocturnal Monster’s Self-Care Routine
by Savannah Slone

they say establishing a self-care routine is


December 31, 2018

 photo by Sarah Huels

uncover my hollow 

by Savannah Slone 

unveil my tethered roots:


December 31, 2018

Pewter and Pebble
by Savannah Slone 

birds coast in configurations out the window,

reflections on your laptop screen. hypnotic ribcage


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