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October 15, 2019

"A Very Thin Line" Review

by Neel Trivedi

"Three gunshots rang through the air, causing me to stumble and lose one of my shoes. My front tooth hit the pavement..."

The lines above would have fit like a glove had they been from a fictional tale of suspense and action. But...

July 27, 2019



The killer had a pattern. Maybe it was a little too simple for the average serial killer. Some might even call it a cliché.

But it worked, at least for the first few victims.

Pick up someone with the least contribution to society. Prosti...

December 31, 2018

The Unstolen Heart 

by Neel Trivedi 

The walk to his boss's office was as apprehensive as can be.

Larry knew he was walking on thin ice. Just last week, his boss had asked him to "off" 11 people. He barely got five.

And now this.

His hand trembled as he knocked on the door.


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