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January 23, 2019

Messy Nest 

a monthly feature by 

Amy Alexander 

Cop a Bradstreet Attitude 

It’s the new year.

To the animals and trees, this is just another day when the planet is bathing in long or short light at different poles. Yet humans feel the need to take a long look at what they...

December 31, 2018

"Some Turtles are Safer Than Others" 

Digital collage with photograph & art by Amy Alexander 

Weight of the World 

by Amy Alexander 

When the turtle bore the world on its back,

only the rock could break it.

We were slow, then.

The rock was slower,

collapsing into gravity,

its a...

November 21, 2018

Messy Nest:

Messy Kitchens Mean Metaphors

Amy Alexander

It’s Thanksgiving, the season of kitchens. I have long been obsessed with ovens, cauldrons, copper pots and pans and the room where women have traditionally been left alone and allowed to create.

I have written sever...

October 24, 2018

Messy Nest

a monthly feature by Amy Alexander

There’s Many Dangerous Things That Can Happen in a Bed

I am meditating on quilts. How I took them for granted when I burrowed down into one made by my great grandmother. I appreciated them more when I looked at my sleeping son...

September 26, 2018

Red Poems Speak the Truth Behind Breast Cancer’s Pink

by Amy Alexander

We are approaching October, the pink month.

Pink for breast cancer survivors.

It’s a particularly poignant time for me, because I lost my own mother to breast cancer on July 6, 2015. My relationship wit...

August 29, 2018

Inspecting the Meaning of Expecting

Being a mother is tired and re-worn as ancient jeans.

Being a mother is completely unique. Brand new.

I am doing the same things women who have given birth have always done.

I’m so alone. Nobody has ever done this before.

I have never fel...

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