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October 15, 2019

"A Very Thin Line" Review

by Neel Trivedi

"Three gunshots rang through the air, causing me to stumble and lose one of my shoes. My front tooth hit the pavement..."

The lines above would have fit like a glove had they been from a fictional tale of suspense and action. But...

September 5, 2019

Synthesis of the Daleks: A Formula for 55 Years of Fear
by Christopher Horrocks

“I thought you’d run out of ways to make me sick. But hello again.”

— The Doctor, “Asylum of the Daleks”, Doctor Who

     Few elements in a work of fiction can escape incorporating influences...

September 3, 2019


Yesterday was my first year marriage anniversary with my husband after spending two years dating long distance in different countries. I recently started writing about our love story, so my mind has been on LOVE lately. An excerpt from my wor...

August 15, 2019


a feature by Jenna Vélez

and we watched Midsommar and saw ourselves in romantic isolation

and you hold my hand like a dying thing

that could be caressed to life

your breath is a sparkling pink

and i have known to love you today

and it feels like the so...

July 30, 2019


Christine Taylor 

There’s a place down on old Route 66 out past free standing houses in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Nevada, called Rosie’s.  If you’re driving at night, you barely even notice the big acrylic sign bearing a red rose in bloom along with the name of the...

July 30, 2019


a feature by Kate Dowling

Sickness & Health

I’m having a bit of a poorly year. Things started with a poorly winter.  I had a cold a month from December to April, and a terrible flu that meant for a hazy 24 hours my husband woke me to take my temperature an...

July 27, 2019



Letter from the Editor

A woman gnaws away at herself, each anxious bite at her lip or inner cheek diminishing her.

Mile-a-minute devours a city, leaving people fumbling to figure out the new plant-based ecosystem.

A chef steals...

July 27, 2019


The world tastes of metal 

Evan James Sheldon 

The group of children scrambled and jumped and played their way through the orchard, occasionally lounging in the shade or hitting tree trunks with fallen branches. The orchard hummed gently—a deep buzz thrummed above...

July 27, 2019

Cover art: "Insatiable" by Kiley Lee 


Main Editor: Charlie Allison 

Letter from the Editor

Meat-Hook Hungers - Alison Gerhard

the food I eat in secret - Rebecca Kokitus

paired w/ 

"Dinner with Diderot" - Elle Danbury

Better to Eat You With - Hannah Gordon


July 27, 2019

When Shadow-Beasts Stalk 

Malina Douglas 

"Quick, get in—"

He slams the door behind me.

"Why?" I saw nothing

in the twist of brush;

the rain-dark, spindly branches.

"Creatures," he mutters,

stirring to life the embers.

I squint and frown

but see only black

through the frosted and...

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