The saint of milk and flames (eBook)

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The saint of milk and flames by Kate Garrett is a collection of poems about finding faith, valuing doubt, and the poet accepting herself as a mother as well as a daughter, for all the pain and joy involved in those roles. There is anger, but justifiable anger - the flame as power, illumination, defiance, a force to move us forward; there is milk in nurturing given and received, sometimes to and from unexpected places. From personal experience to myth to historical moments re-imagined, from family bonds to physical disability to spiritual synthesis, these are ultimately poems of healing and becoming.


The Anniversary Edition (April 2020), includes a Bonus Feature of 5 extra poems from Kate's collection Sunward/Moonwise, an excerpt from our Exclusive Interview with the Author, and Limited Edition double-sided Broadsides and Bookmarks with all orders throughout April. 


*This is the eBook version; if you prefer a print copy, please find it here.*

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