Puritan U (eBook)

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Puritan U by Kristin Garth is a true crime told in sonnets, footnotes, and verse. A unique format from a former investigative journalist's eyes, join the poetess on a personal journey through exhibits and learn about growing up in a Mormon household, an abusive family, being forced to attend a Puritan college, and the horrors that happen there. Advanced reviews of this first book in a collection of oncoming confessional tales call it "necessary reading", "beautifully tragic", "emotional, heartbreaking", and "absolutely stunning". You'll see the poet as a young girl battling to have her own views and to take control of her own life, as a woman on the cusp of discovering herself, and see her break free from her chains and turn into a succubus working as a stripper to discover true freedom from her family and the traumas she endured at university. This award-nominated poet is a master again with her expert control of language and rhythm, this personal journey told in sonnets and verse that will leave an everlasting impression.


*This is the eBook version; if you want a print copy, please find it here.*

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