A Very Thin Line (eBook)

A Very Thin Line (eBook)

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One in five people living with bipolar die by suicide. Forty percent of people with bipolar have a run in with the law at some point in their lives. This is a story not often talked about but necessary to be told. Rohan Sharma takes the reader on a confessional and genuine journey through his bipolar episode that left him incarcerated and serving time in jail. He does not shy away from the darkness that exists in this reality and encourages others living with mental illness to seek the help they need so they, too, do not end up in unfathomable situations such as he found himself in. Despite the darkness he faces, he finds a way to focus on the light and the positive, and while incarcerated makes the biggest discovery of all: his self and who he wants to be. 


This is the eBook version. If you'd like the print book, please find it here.

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