A View from the Phantasmagoria 

Haunts, Hexes, Healing

A collection of paranormal poems exploring life with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a very real and severe illness that haunts an estimated 1 in 20 women and afab individuals, whether they know its name or not. These pieces take us in their spectral hands, and lead us through the phantasmagoria – including lonely ghosts, rage-fueled poltergeists, duels with demon outlaws, healing rituals, déjà vu, sex, and survival, among other glimpses of horror and beauty.


Kate Garrett

October 2020

Preorders begin in April 2020

(PMDD awareness month)

Published Pieces

'I am the poltergeist who haunts us both' - Kissing Dynamite, Issue 3

'Refuse' - Blanket Sea

'He says no to déjà vu but I’ve heard it all before' - Amethyst Review

'Lilith as my indignant self-possession' - Tiny Flames Press

About the Author

Kate Garrett is a writer, witch, mama, and drummer who sometimes haunts 450-year-old houses (as a heritage volunteer). She is a contributing writer and reader for Pussy Magic, and Magical Editor of Mookychick magazine. Her work is widely published online and in print, has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, four times nominated for Best of the Net, and longlisted for a Saboteur Award. She is the author of several pamphlets, most recently To Feed My Woodland Bones (Animal Heart Press, 2019) and one full-length collection, The saint of milk and flames (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019). Her next chapbook, A View from the Phantasmagoria, is due out in October 2020 from Rhythm & Bones Press, and her historical fiction collection Hart & Halfpenny will be published by TwistiT Press in March 2021. Kate was born and raised in rural southern Ohio, but moved to the UK in 1999, where she lives halfway up a hillside in Sheffield, South Yorkshire with her husband, five children, and a sleepy cat. Find more at www.kategarrettwrites.co.uk

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