A collection of short stories featuring characters who are stuck: in reality, in their lives, in bad decisions and the darker sides of life backlit by the unforgiving heat of the desert. The desert can be as cruel as a neglectful parent, an abusive lover, leaving these characters in a drought of love and nourishment. It is the perfect setting for the women, men, children and even the dead who traverse these stories by Justin Hunter, characters gripped in their own struggle, some finding a way to shed their identities like skins, others able to leap through time, but many of them remaining stagnant and unaltered.

190 pages, perfect bound

May 2020

Preorders begin March 1st

Published Pieces

'Jump' - J.J. Outre Review

'How to Be a Man' - Storyland Lit Review

'One Thousand Hours Free' - Twisted Sister Lit Mag

'Army Men' - Scars Publication

'Counting Seasons' - Sick Lit Magazine

'Coyote' - Close to the Bone

'Scars' - Scars Publication

'Strip Mining' - The Drabble

'Miracle Mile' - Bitterzoet Mag

'Creosote' - Ghost Parachute

'The Nothing' - Five on the Fifth

Justin Hunter grew up in Tucson, AZ, a place famous for tuberculosis and the University of Arizona. He spent most his life trying to escape, but now that he has, he finds himself drawn back in through his writing. He is married to a woman who not only accepts the crazy people living in his head, she actively engages them. His two young boys don't know what they're in for.

Justin received his MFA from Arcadia University. He realized he was a writer at the age of seven when he penned the classic, Jacques Cousteau and the Underwater Robot Octopus. A gold star to anyone who tracks down a copy of that gem.

When he is not writing, Justin is probably doing things that actually pay the bills. He is currently the co-founder of a software company called SimpleID.

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