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Editorial Services

*please include your requested service in your message/purchase*

Click here to purchase.

Expedited* Response: $3

Expedited* Response w/ Critique: $5

[Note: the above are only open when lit mag submissions are open.]

In-depth** Critique/Analysis of a Story or Poem: $5-10

(negotiable based on length)

In-depth** Critique/Analysis of Manuscript:

$1 per page, following industry standards.

Other Services *Available for a Limited Time*

Manuscript Design / Layout: Negotiable.

If you're a self-publishing author or otherwise, looking for someone to design or

layout your manuscript for publication, we would like to work with you!

Willing to discuss a fair price dependent on length of manuscript, work to be 

completed, etc. Contact Tianna for details at

*Expedited: We will work to get a response to you within a week's time. Be sure to mention you have purchased one of the above in your submission email.

**In-depth: You will receive in-depth critique (if you request, it can be line-by-line) of your work by one of our editors, each who have extensive training and experience. All have earned a Master of Fine Arts with extensive training and experience in workshops and critiquing, focus solely on constructive criticism, and have spent 6+ years studying the art of literature and creative writing in all forms: poetry, prose, essay, memoir, fiction and non-fiction of all genres. Based on the subject or genre, we may assign you to a certain editor.

Please note:  Response times vary depending on length of the work, availability of editors, etc.  We aim to return longer manuscripts within a month's time.

If you have specific requests, questions or concerns, please email us at

Please place 'editorial services' in the subject heading to help us easily find and properly sort in our inbox.



"Tianna (Editor-in-Chief of Rhythm & Bones Press) proofread my manuscript with great care and attention to detail. She presented insightful and constructive criticism with a considerate amount of respect whilst also ensuring that my style of writing was not compromised throughout the editing process. Her editing process also ensured that I was able to make the appropriate changes with ease and with a keen understanding of why said changes benefited my manuscript. I would recommend Tianna (and Rhythm & Bones Press) to any writer looking for quality proofreading." 


~ Claire Smith, poetry editor at Peculiars Magazine

"I'm so appreciative of your taking the time/consideration in reading my work and then to write so clearly and elaborate so extensively. Super insightful, very helpful, more than I was expecting."

~ Dwaine R. 

"I am deeply impressed with the editorial services provided by Tianna at R&B, who I had approached for comments on a manuscript. She provided thorough, meaningful feedback and comments and had evidently considered my manuscript in detail. She addressed all of my queries in a professional manner and gave me an understanding of how my work can be improved and structured. I am very grateful for her assistance and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services."

~ A.M. Walsh

"Tianna’s care with my work astounds me. She not only gave me line-specific advice, but she also provided me with a comprehensive assessment of my piece on an Irish werewolf, including sending me a peer-reviewed analysis of the Irish brogue and its influence on the English language! She approaches her editorial services with the same attention to detail she employs in her own writing craft! Highly recommend!"

~ Gina Marie Bernard

"I worked with Tianna on an in-depth analysis of my debut chapbook manuscript. Working through two potential versions, Tianna provided detailed line-level edits, as well as overarching notes on the manuscripts as a whole. She honed in on potential problems and offered a number of suggestions that helped me finalize the poems, improve their cohesion, and create a strong second draft. I came away from the process impressed with her eye and her kindness, and look forward to working with her again."

~ Julian Day

"Tianna is an absolute gem to work with! She provided helpful, professional feedback on my manuscript on both line edits and plot. Her comments and suggestions were right on point and helped me to give my novel the expert polish that it needed. I highly recommend her."

~ Jessica Drake-Thomas

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