Defy Your Stars: an astrological anthology


currently this project is on hold until further notice



by Kristin Garth

“Then I defy you, stars!” William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet Act V, Scene 1



The science of your adolescence learned

in constellations, eons burned, between

the sea oats, gulf, a sea goat sky, you yearn

for men who make you cry.  Stretched, sand, 19,


broke arching back, you surrender to

the zodiac — to twisted horns who ride

misused crocodilian remains. You

hear incantations, childhood refrains, spoke


atop, first, a schoolgirl bed. Gateway whore

by monster bred, his Capricorn to ram

inside. Today’s teenage inheritor

shares your dad’s Aries birthday.  Cartogram


in skies, some coordinates are scars.

Remake the boundaries.  Defy your stars.

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