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Rhythm of the Bones: Dark Marrow 

a compilation of dark poetry

featuring your twisted visions and nightmares, your traumas you can't shake, the ghosts that haunt your daydreams

Due to the high volume of wonderful poetry submissions we have received, the founder of Rhythm & Bones decided to begin a new endeavor, a separate poetry mag called Rhythm of the Bones: DARK MARROW. 


Tianna recruited the wonderful Paul S. Rowe as her Poetry Editor to help decide and create this newest addition to R&B. We hope you will send us your deepest and darkest poetry. 


The two of us are enamored with darkness, trauma and pain. We also love anything psychological. Send us your most twisted.

Please include in your submission subject "Issue [#] - [Your Name]"

[i.e. if you're submitting for Issue Three it should say: "Issue Three - Tianna G. Hansen"]

Include a short cover letter including the names of the poems you are submitting, and a short bio

when you send to

Please review our general guidelines regarding your submissions.

Either attach your work in a Word .docx or paste into the body of your email.


Thank you as always for the endless support and love in all that we do.



Submissions are CLOSED.



*Read ISSUE ONE & TWO now!*


NOTE: If you send us a simultaneous submission, please let us know IMMEDIATELY if your work is accepted elsewhere. 


Thank you, and happy submitting!

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