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Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall (eBook)

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into my


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poems & prose

C. Aloysius Mariotti

'Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall' is an exploration into existence of the self and the ways memories evolve with time to define who we are.

Writing from various points of view in this riveting collection of poems and prose, C. Aloysius Mariotti sends readers on a journey into the deepest parts of the psyche, with many pieces an attempt to squeeze out and examine episodic darkness the author has seen, and lived, in this world.

With allusions to modern and classic mythology throughout, Mariotti delves into childhood trauma, adult anxiety, lost relatives, and desert landscapes in this dazzling debut collection.

68 pages, perfect bound

7 color illustrations

March 2020

Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall



"In Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall, C. Aloysius Mariotti takes us ‘raw and exposed’ through an American dreamscape where ‘the very nature of life [is] demolished ready for rebirth’. In this dazzling collection, linear time, hierarchies and identities collapse and the reader is left alone at the haunting edgelands of the desert, the gateway to infinity. Fantastical, uncanny illustrations by Mathew Yates and Stuart Buck compliment Mariotti’s utterly authentic poetic voices. One of the poetry collections of the year."

— Matthew M.C. Smith, poet and editor of Black Bough Poetry


"The poems seem to dwell upon the intersection of the speaker’s dreams and memories, which interlock seamlessly with the vibrant and lush illustrations by Matthew Yates and Stuart Buck. ... Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall is a deep and multilayered work, which explores the speaker’s memories and dreams in lush verse. Mariotti’s poetry packs a punch, even while evoking a dream-like atmosphere which invites the reader into the siren’s call of its embrace."

— Jessica Drake-Thomas, author of Possession

**Read the full review by Jessica Drake-Thomas here.**



"What amazes me most about C. Aloysius Mariotti’s new book, Scream into My Mouth as a Waterfall, is how seamlessly the pieces fit together to forge a portrait of real courage. Poem by poem, these fractals combine into an architecture of love, fear, power, dread, and, best of all, raw feeling. There’s the purity of a young boy riding his bike down the street, the release of a son resting his tired feet in a river, the promise of a first kiss, and beautiful burst of sky glowing here. There is also the black hole of loss, the tightening walls of death lurking in these shadows. Nothing about this book ducks life’s punch. Just as nothing about this poet shuns life’s embrace. Every page of Scream into My Mouth as a Waterfall knows full well you have to lean into one to smile in the glow of the other."

—Jack B. Bedell, Poet Laureate, State of Louisiana, 2017-2019,

author of No Brother, This Storm



"The interplay of fact and myth is so beautifully woven throughout this first chapbook effort by C. Aloysius Mariotti; the personal and surreal collide and caress. This whole book delights as much as it dizzies in its examination of life and landscape from mysterious angles. As the title poem says of its primary character, this body of work, too, will 'haunt from haunt to haunt.'"


—K Weber, author of THIS ASSEMBLY


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"Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall is a captivating read from beginning to end. It’s an existential thrill ride through the seismic highs and unrelenting lows of the human condition. It’s a collection of works that stick with you long after the page has turned. These words are visions that you’ll see behind closed eyelids, and feel entwined into your own personal experiences." 

Chip McCabe,  author of 666 Days of Metal

"C. Aloysius Mariotti’s Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall explores grief and love—birth and death; what it means to be everything and nothing. With subtlety and precision, Mariotti effortlessly captures what it means to be human with exquisite use of form, language, and tension. This collection’s intertwining of written and visual art characterizes every presence and makes us feel the physical experience of each piece’s speaker. This debut collection was breathed into life with color, sound, and intense care." 


Savannah Slone, author of An Exhalation of Dead Things and Hearing the Underwater


"C. Aloysius Mariotti paints a beautiful picture of tragedy in his first book, Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall, published by Rhythm and Bones Press in 2020. From gritty teenagehood marked by lust and brittle love to adulthood marked by the past in a stockholm syndrome haze, Mariotti shows complex emotions in his prose and poetry that other collections can only dream of capturing. As well as the wonderful poems, Mathew Yates has contributed many illustrations as well as cover art for the book. Yates and Mariotti’s work combined shines brighter than the sun. The gritty yet picasso-esque style of Mathew Yates’ illustrations works extremely well with C. Aloysius Mariotti’s mindscape poetry and prose. I’ve included excerpts from two poems below that seem to capture the grace in which Mariotti’s words touch each page."

— Venus Davis, EIC of Periwinkle Lit Mag

**Read Venus's full review in Moonchild Mag here.**

"Mariotti's debut collection is full of comets and rain and night sky and pears and bones and graveyards for those bones to lay. And magic. Of course, magic. Declaring, 'but we are creatures,' from the onset, Mariotti wants to remind you of our smallness, our humanness, our animalness. That we all have a beginning and an expiration date, how actions have lasting consequences regardless of our indifference, of the summersaults our memory performs—fragments, like lost tiny vertebrae, these pieces of fragile bone when combined create a powerful structure. The work ebbs and flows like the tide of a sea you've waded into, that before realizing it, you've been taken so far from shore that the tiny line of land has vanished completely. And it is with nothing left but this water, all around you, consuming you, leaving you to your own that you realize that this sea is kind and self-referential and that ultimately the same tide will bring you into shore again. Throughout, Mariotti gestures the sentiment that 'Each misstep tripped us to learn again.' What makes this work shine is the poet's commitment to not thinking himself infallible, admitting we must take one day at a time. At times conversational and at others prophetic, Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall feels like sitting across from a stranger at a bar overhearing pieces of a story, and finding yourself not wanting to get up and leave until the puzzle is finished. What makes these truths universal is that even if the story is not about us, we can find some piece of us in it. That's what great writing does, and this is fantastic writing."


— Keegan Lester, author of this shouldn’t be beautiful but it was and it was all i had so i drew it

Interviews, etc.

Interview in Fear No Lit - "Release the Book: C. Aloysius Mariotti"

Published Pieces

(Previously published at Black Bough)

'saint de los milagros' - Marias at Sampaguitas

'Impeachment Day' - Boston Accent Lit 

*CW: child abuse*

'May 10, 1981' - Burning House Press

'Possession' - Neon Mariposa Magazine

'modern pip, fragmented' - Dark Marrow

(Issue 3, pg. 20)

'Albert Wolfe' - Rhythm & Bones

(nominated for 2020 Pushcart Prize)

'lost american gospel of vincent de paul' - The Hellebore

(featured author, Issue 4)

C. Aloysius Mariotti was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Arizona. He studied creative writing at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he listened to a lot of Rush, Radiohead, and PJ Harvey. His work has been featured in Black Bough Poetry, The Hellebore, Marias at Sampaguitas, and Dark Marrow, among others. He resides in Massachusetts with his wife Kristen and Westie Bella Francine.


SCREAM into my MOUTH as a WATERFALL is his first collection.

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