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BONECHAPS will be a series of chapbooks published annually, a selection of two-four collections which highlight trauma in a unique light, tell a story compellingly, make us see the world in a different light.


*Please do not submit your work until you have read through our guidelines.* 


We reserve the right to close our submission window early.

Due to an overflow of submissions our first weekend, we 

regret to inform you we have closed submissions early.

Thank you for your interest and check back next year! 

Send your collections to our email attached as a Word doc (if your work is dependent on special formatting, we will accept a PDF, but please state why you have submitted this form in your email). Please include a cover letter explaining why you think your work will be a good fit for our press, a short synopsis of the work, and a current bio. Make sure to include an acknowledgements page at the end of the chapbook with any previous publication credits of the work included. We do not require a table of contents, but please make sure your work is titled and each poem/essay/prose piece is featured on a separate page (please use Insert>Page Break to make sure each piece is on its own page).  

You may submit simultaneous submissions but please state if you are doing so in your cover letter. 

We reserve the right to accept manuscripts for publication to fill up our publishing list for 2020, and to extend acceptances for publication into 2021. We plan to release a long list by the end of the year, but please bear with us if this deadline is extended.

If accepted for publication, you will receive 10 author copies as form of payment and royalties based off sales and net profit. Your work will receive an ISBN number, be available on our site for an indefinite amount of time, and also be offered on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We will seek reviews and blurbs to help promote your work and treat your book as all others in our collection.

Please note: submissions are free of charge. 

We will not tolerate plagiarized work. When you submit to us, you are claiming the work is yours and yours alone. While we will accept manuscripts with "after" poems, please ensure your work is original and yours alone.

More info:

This is the FIRST TIME we are hosting open submissions in hopes to find two - four chapbooks to publish in 2020! The intent of this special project is to highlight some new (to us) voices. So if you’ve had a book published by us (not including our anthology), your submission will be eaten by the discard monsters. ((We still love & adore you.))


Submission window will be open for TWO WEEKS or until we reach 100 submissions (jinkies!) — this is simply to keep our reading load manageable. If you haven’t read our books yet, please consider picking up at least an e-book prior to submitting so you know the type of work we like to publish, HOWEVER we do not have one specific style we like to publish & this is not a requirement. We lean toward highlighting those with trauma to portray to the world and will be focusing on this in our selection process. Our tagline of “trauma-turned-art” is important to us and our vision is to give space to those who wish to heal through writing. We like to publish books that leave us hopeful. We publish powerful voices and those we connect with. We want work that also has good form and style. We don’t want your diary entries — we want your poetry! We want your CNF essays. And yes, we also want your flash fiction. We want your heart bleeding all over the page. And we want it to speak to us. To make us gasp as we read.


Have fun & we look forward to it! 



Founder, EIC

Rhythm & Bones Press

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